How to Drill a Hole in a Mirror

There are many things you should never do in the house, but drilling a hole in your mirror is one of them. Unfortunately, drilling holes into glass can lead to accidents and other problems that make the situation worse than before you drilled the hole. An electric drill with a diamond-coated bit is the best way to drill a hole through anything made of glass or mirrors. If you don’t have one on hand, though, there are some alternatives that will work just as well. In this blog post, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to drill a hole in a mirror.

How to Drill a Hole in a Mirror

Materials You Needs

  • Glass mirror
  • Diamond gem bit drill (any size)
  • Power drill
  • A couple of screwdriver bits that fit into your power drill
  • Flexible shaft for the power drill that will fit the diamond bit.

Stepwise Guide on How to Drill a Hole in a Mirror

Step 1: Acquire a Mirror, Drill, and Spinning Wrench

You will need a mirror for this activity. Make sure the mirror is at least as wide as your palm and has a smooth surface (i.e., no ridges or stickers). You will also need a power drill with a 3/8″ drill bit and a spinning wrench. A socket or adjustable wrench will not work due to the compressed torque required for mirror destruction.

Step 2: Mark Where You Want to Drill Your Hole

Place the mirror on a flat surface and mark an X on its center with a pencil or pen. This will be your point of impact.

Mark Where You Want to Drill Your Hole

Step 3: Place the Mirror on a Flat Surface

Find a flat surface to drill your mirror on. Make sure that the surface is strong enough to handle the mirror’s weight when you are inserting pressure during Drilling.

Step 4: Drill Your First Hole in The Center of the Mirror

Drill your first hole at the X you have drawn on your mirror. The ideal way to drill the hole is by drilling from the mirror’s backside, not from the front. The reason for this is that if you drill from the front, you will be able to see where your bit meets with the glass, and it will split apart differently than if drilled from behind. To drill from the back, place your mirror facedown on a flat surface and drill through the point you have marked. Put just enough pressure on the bit so that it can create its own hole by moving forward into the glass. You will not be able to see this happen.

Step 5: Drill More Holes Around Your Main Hole at Even Intervals

When you are done drilling your first hole, make new holes around the perimeter of the original hole every couple of inches (the more there are, the better). This will create a larger impact site and shatter more glass.

Step 6: Place Wrench on Spinning Bit on Holes You Have Just Drilled

Once you have finished drilling your holes, place the spinning wrench on your power drill to sit horizontally. The spinning wrench will act as a stabilizer for the drill. Make sure both are turned off before you proceed to step 7.

 Place Wrench on Spinning Bit on Holes

Step 7: Insert Drill bit Into Mirror and Begin Drilling.

Place your drill bit at the center of your first hole and use one hand to hold it steady. The drill bit must be inserted into the mirror from behind, not from the front side. Turn on your power drill and use your free hand to guide it as you turn (you will need a lot of pressure). Continue cutting until you have broken through the back of the mirror. Take your time, and do not get impatient; this will take a while. The mirror may slip, so make sure you have something strong to hold it in place (i.e., an object or a friend).

Step 8: Remove Drill Bit From Mirror

Once you have drilled through the back of your mirror, stop and remove your drill bit and power drill. Please turn off the power drill and take it away from the mirror to prevent you from accidentally continuing Drilling.

Step 9: Remove Glass Shards From Back of Mirror

Once you have finished drilling, turn your mirror over so that the front is facing up again. You should see a lot of broken glass around the area you drilled. Use your free hand to push these shards back away from the hole slowly. Make sure not to touch them with bare hands as they are extremely sharp and could cause injury.

Remove Glass Shards From Back of Mirror

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Tips and Suggestions

  1. Before You Start, Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and safety precautions.
  2. Before attempting to drill a hole in a mirror, consider these helpful hints:
  3. Make sure you have enough light when drilling a hole in a mirror. Without enough light or visibility when drilling, one can easily cut themselves on the broken glass.
  4. Rubber gloves will protect the hands from becoming cut and scratched with broken glass.
  5. It can be helpful to use a drill press when drilling a hole in a mirror. Make sure you clamp the mirror down so that it doesn’t move while working.
  6. Even if one is not using a drill press, it can still be beneficial to clamp the mirror down.
  7. A center punch can be used to mark where the drill will start. This helps pre-drill a hole that is the size of your wire, so it won’t crack off immediately upon putting pressure on it. It also allows you to line up your mirror for optimal drilling location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Drill Bit Do You Use for Glass?

There are different types of drill bits that can be used for glass. Some are designed to drill through glass, while others are made to cut into it. A typical glass bit would be a diamond-tipped bit which is the best choice for drilling and cutting through thick pieces of glass without shattering them.

It is also possible to use a carbide-tipped bit that has a thin blade that’s able to break or chip away at thick, hard surfaces without breaking them down too much. The downside of this type of bit is that it doesn’t always work on thin or delicate pieces because the thin blade may not be strong enough to pierce through these materials.

Can You Drill a Hole in Glass With a Regular Bit?

No, a regular bit cannot drill through the glass. The best tool for drilling glass is the diamond-tipped bit that can easily drill through any material, including glass.

Can You Drill Hardened Glass?

It is possible to drill hardened glass, but it is not recommended. Hardened glass, ground and polished, has a smooth surface that will accept the drill bit with minimal friction.

On the other hand, drilling into tempered glass would be like cutting through butter because the material has been heated and then cooled rapidly. This causes the edges of the glass to soften when you start drilling it, and this process can take a long time before achieving your desired results.

Can You Drill a Hole in a Mason Jar?

You can drill a hole in a Mason jar by using a drill. You need to use the appropriate size drill bit and then make sure that you are using the correct speed setting for your situation. When drilling, ensure that you have good ventilation and take extra care when working with any glass or ceramic material.

Use the Correct Speed Setting


If you are looking for creative ways to decorate your home, why not try drilling a hole in the mirror? The possibilities are endless. You could use it as an art installation or put something on the other side of the glass to make it appear like more than one object inside. Whatever design idea you have, this blog post will help guide you through how to drill a hole in a mirror without damaging any part of its composition. Thank you for reading, and I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments, and we will do our best to answer them. Thanks for reading!

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