How to Put Curtains in Apartment

Curtains are a great way to add color and warmth to your apartment. They can also give you privacy if you live in an open space or block outside noise. If your windows are small, the right curtain will make them look bigger. The key is finding curtains that go with the rest of your decorating style while still providing function for you.

Curtains in Apartment

Designers agree that curtains should be your last decorating purchase. However, once you have painted, wallpapered, or decorated the rest of your space, please look at its flow to decide how it might be improved with window treatments.

If functional needs are not being met by current window coverings, only then should you buy new curtains. Designers also suggest that you should buy the biggest size that will fit your windows. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to put curtains in apartment.

7 Steps to Follow on How to Put Curtains in Apartment

Step One: Determine

First of all, determine the type of curtains that will be put up in your apartment. Your choice should be based on the size of your windows. The most common options are between drapes and vertical blinds. For window panes that measure three feet by six feet or less, you might want to use Roman shades, which are made entirely out of fabric.

Determine the Type of Curtain

For significantly taller windows, use drapery rods, which are available in different lengths. Make sure to select one that allows at least two inches of clearance above the window frame. For windows taller than ten feet, it’s best to opt for curtains instead of drapes to keep them properly open.

Keep in mind that these are only general guidelines; you should look into the applicable laws in your area when deciding which type of window coverings to use. The most important factor is that you are satisfied with the appearance and function of the curtains once they’re installed.

Step Two: Measure

Now it’s time to measure out where on your windows the curtain will be placed. All you need is a measuring tape and a pencil. You can either buy the curtain rod as you’re doing this or decide where on the window it will be placed first and then buy the rod once you’re done.

Once you’ve decided on a location for the rod, use the measuring tape and pencil to mark out on your window this distance from where you want it to be on each side of your window space that will contain the curtain. This line should go all the way down to the top and bottom of your window.

If you’ve bought the curtain rod, use your measurements to cut it to size. Now, all that’s to add the curtains onto the rod and then attach or hang them onto your wall. These steps should help you in learning how to put curtains in apartment.

Step Three: Hang Curtains

Once everything is measured out, hang up your curtain rod onto the wall of your apartment. You can do this with nails, screws, or hooks. Just make sure that its security’s attached so it won’t work when the curtains are pulled. The curtains should then hang from the rod horizontally, with both ends of the curtain touching the floor.

Now you have successfully put up your curtains in an apartment. Just add some decorative items around the window to finish off the look. Of course, if you are having trouble with this process, you can always hire a professional interior designer to do it for you.

Hang Curtains

If you want to put up horizontal blinds on your apartment windows, first screw or nail the wooden or metal tracks onto the window panes. Next, measure out and cut off a piece of horizontal blinds long enough to fill up the window. Make sure that it will fit perfectly into the track without leaving any excess room.

Step Four: Measure for Vertical Blinds

For vertical blinds in your apartment, measure out where you want the lower edge of the window coverings to fall. Once this is done, it’s time it’s installed the vertical blind tracks onto your window panes. The blind will need to be inserted into these tracks to hang vertically when the slats are down.

Place the first track at this lower edge you’ve to cry you’ve and make sure that it tilts inward toward the window, not outward. Then do the same for every other vertical blind track after this one. You can either nail or screw these onto your window frames. Make sure to follow any specific instructions included with your vertical blinds package.

Next, measure out where you want each vertical blind pole to go. The poles should be equal distance from one another and evenly spaced out along the length of your window. Now it’s time it installs these poles into their tracks. If you want to find out more about how to put curtains in apartment, keep reading.

Attach Vertical Blinds

Step Five: Attach Vertical Blinds

Now that your vertical blind tracks are secured on the wall of your apartment, measure out where you want to place each blind pole. Mark these areas with a pencil so that they’re edible. Then attach each pole securely by putting nails or screws through the bottom of each one and into your window frame.

You can put the slats of your vertical blinds into place before or after you’ve at you have the poles to the wall. If you choose to put them on beforehand, then make sure that they’re in place and won’t fall won’t when they’re o they’re

The last step is to open up each set of vertically hung blinds and attach the cord that runs along the length of each set onto a rod or bar on one side. This will open up your blinds so that they are vertical slats again. Now they are ready to be raised and lowered with this cord.

Step Six: Attach Blinds to Cord

Most likely, the cord you’ll attach to each set of vertically hung blinds is a string-like cord with a plastic or metal loop on one end. The other end should have a clip that will attach to the metal pole inside the track of your vertical blinds. To use this, first, slip your hand through this loop and grab onto the bottom part of the vertical blind slat.

Attach Blinds to Cord

Pull the slat upward and slide the string-like cord up to where you want the top of your blind. Then clasp the metal or plastic clip onto this pole inside your track. Repeat these steps for every other vertical blind slat, adjusting them as necessary so that they are all at an equal distance from each other.

Finally, once all of your vertical blind slats are attached to the cord that opens and closes them, you can attach a decorative string or rod to one side of your window. Then tie the cord at the other end onto it so that this decorative item will hold up your blinds when they’re cthey’reThis will help in how to put curtains in apartment.

Step Seven: Decorate Window

If you can’t with a clip on one end, you can attach the string-like cord to the metal pole by tying it around this pole and then just letting it hang there. Then, once all of your vertical blinds are up and open, you can decorate your window with whatever suits your style best.

You can use this now-open space as a shelf, or you can drape anything over the top of your vertical blinds to decorate them, such as a pretty scarf, a potted plant or vines wrapped around the cord that holds up your blinds, or even just an interesting piece of fabric or wallpaper.

If you use wallpaper, then be sure to measure out where you want it to go first so that it fits well and looks symmetrical on each side of your window. If you use a potted plant, make sure it drains well so that the water won’t blind or window frame.

If you want to tie something pretty around your cord, be sure to measure it first to ensure that this decorative item will fit coherently with the rest of your decor. And if you want to add a shelf on top of your vertical blinds, then secure it into place before you add anything onto it.

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The best way to put curtains in your apartment is by considering the space you have and what type of look you’re. Once you know these two things, it will be easier to find curtains that match your desired vibe and need. There are many different fabric materials available, but we recommend silk if possible since they tend to last longer than others.

If this isn’t an, consider using blackout material if privacy is also important to keep when sleeping at night, not just during waking hours! The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to put curtains in apartment.

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