How to Remove Grasshopper Mower Deck

The Grasshopper mower is a cutting-edge lawn care machine that cuts the grass with rotating blades. The rotating blades can cut up to two inches deep into the ground, making it easier for you to make sure your lawn is looking its best. However, over time these blades can get dull and need replacing.

Follow this guide on how to remove grasshopper mower deck below! Then, find out which side of the blade needs replaced by placing your finger in front of the blade when you start up your Grasshopper Mower.

How to Remove Grasshopper Mower Deck

If there’s an indentation in your finger, then it means that the side needs replaced. To replace the blades, you will need to start by raising the blade deck. To do this, turn and remove the wing nut located on the front of your mower.

Step to Follow on How to Remove Grasshopper Mower Deck

Step One: Support the Deck From Above.

In order to remove a Grasshopper mower deck, it must first be supported to relieve pressure from both the blade and motor assembly. In addition, there is less chance of injury and damage being done to nearby vegetation by supporting the blades.

Accomplish this task; it is best to hang the blades from a tree limb or rafter with a length of rope. Many strong branches can be found in most yards, but this task is best done near the area where no damage will occur if none are readily available. Once the blades are supported, it is safe to proceed.

Step Two: Detach the Deck From the Mower.

The deck of a Grasshopper can now be removed by unscrewing all connection points to the body and engine. However, this is best done with two people as much force will need to be applied to remove each bolt and nut. In addition, on some models, additional latches must be released before the deck will separate from the body.

Additional Latches Must Be Released Before the Deck Will Separate From the Body

These are done by pushing down on them until they release. They will be found on some models after the deck has been removed from the body, some may need to be accessed from a distance above. Again, it is best to consult the owner’s manual for exact locations, as these will vary from model to model.

Step Three: Remove the Deck From the Mower Blade.

For a Grasshopper lawn mower deck to be removed from the blade assembly completely, a few steps must be taken before removing any bolts or nuts securing the deck. The first is to secure the blade to keep it from spinning freely and causing damage to nearby vegetation or rotating at a dangerous speed.

This may be done by wedging a long stick through the manual release mechanisms on some models, while some may use a screwdriver to pry the blade into a locked position. With the blade disengaged, it will be safe to remove bolts or nuts without damaging anything.

Step Four: Remove the Screws.

With some models of Grasshopper mower deck, several screws hold the blades in place. Once these have been removed, it is possible to detach the blades from the mower’s body.

However, this will not be necessary with other models as the blades are pushed out from above by hand or removed from below using a wrench to loosen each bolt and nut holding them in place. But, again, this may vary depending on the model.

Step Five: Clean Up.

With the deck removed, it is now safe to discard all bolts, screws, or nuts used to secure it in place. These parts can be replaced as needed by an authorized dealer of Grasshopper products. In addition, the blades can now be replaced as needed for those models which require new blades.

Clean Mower Deck Before Reinstall

With those models that do not, rotate them several times to ensure they are working correctly before returning the mower to service. In addition, with the mower deck removed from the blade assembly, it is also a good idea to clean both of them before reinstalling. This will help in how to remove grasshopper mower deck.

Step Six: Reassemble and Store.

Reassembly requires reversing all of the necessary steps to take the deck off its mower blade assembly. However, with some models, it may be required to loosen or tighten bolts or nuts to ensure proper alignment with the engine casing and body once reattached.

It is best to consult with a store selling Grasshopper products or read the owner’s manual for specific instructions on reassembling the deck correctly. In addition, it may be a good idea to store the removed mower deck in a dry place where children or animals can not easily access it.

Step Seven: Replace the Deck.

In order to complete any repairs, it is essential to have all parts at hand so they may be replaced efficiently. In addition, it is a good idea to wear work gloves and protective eyewear while assembling and performing any repairs on a Grasshopper mower deck.

Replacing the Mower Deck

This will help prevent injury while using tools or handling parts that may be sharp or dangerous when not properly shielded. In addition, it is a good idea to have a GFCI-protected outlet nearby in case an electrical problem should occur with any of the switches or controls on the mower.

Step Eight: Enjoy Your Mower With a New Deck.

With an adequately assembled Grasshopper mower deck back in place, it is now possible to finish the job of mowing the lawn quickly and efficiently. Reinstall all screws, bolts, or nuts that hold the mower’s body together, making sure they are secure but not over tightened.

In addition, lubricate all moving parts and those spots where the body of the mower will be making contact with itself. In this way, it is possible to ensure a smooth transition from one part to another and avoid any future problems with sticking or getting stuck together.


When you need to remove the grasshopper mower deck, you mustn’t forget about removing the bolts and spacers. The bolt should be removed with a socket wrench while using an extension bar. Be sure to get all of them out so that you can put your new blades on or replace old ones.

You will also want to take note of what order they were in when removed because this will help during installation time, where everything needs to go back together like before. The article has been a good guide on how to remove grasshopper mower deck.

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