What Are Some Effective Methods for Cleaning your Home’s Pool?

What Are Some Effective Methods for Cleaning your Home’s Pool?

Inviting your friends over for a weekend pool party or succumbing to the appealing waves of your pool after a long day at work, might seem like some interesting prospects of owning a pool. And really, they are.

However, here’s something about most pool owners: they forget to consciously plan for the pool’s maintenance. Basking in the daydreams of an elegant pool, without having a firm resolve to maintain the pool leads to a single dead-end; a green pool. This is why it is important you gain basic knowledge on how to keep your pool blue and prevent those-little-algae from colonizing your favourite spot.

This sounds like you’ve got a bulk load of work to do on your pool, but then, with a pool cleaner- you have to do a lesser job. Not only would pool cleaners make the maintenance of your pool more efficient, but they are also time-efficient.

However, picking a pool cleaner isn’t all that easy, so we did just that for you: The Polaris 380.

The Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner Features

  • The Polaris 380 is a pressure side pool cleaner that works in all in-ground pools. A pressure-side cleaner attaches to the pressure side of your pool’s circulation system.
  • While there are some pressure side cleaners powered by the pool pump, the Polaris 380 pool cleaner requires a booster pump which is a dedicated pump.
  • Unlike the Polaris 280 model which has a double jet feature, the Polaris 380 relies on its triple jet feature to operate optimally. It’s all-wheel, belt drive mechanism also promotes faster vacuum cleaning for your pool. See this Polaris 380 vs. 280 comparison
  • It features a filter bag that removes the debris before it reaches the filter of the pool.


Prolongs the Lifespan of your Pool’s Filter

Your filter helps to keep your pool clear and clean. If your pool filter isn’t efficient enough to deal with the amount of debris in your pool, your pool filter’s working duration is shortened. The Polaris 380’s filter bag reduces the workload on the filter, thereby prolonging the lifespan of your pool’s filter.

Filter Helps to Keep the Pool Clear and Clean

Large Capacity Filter Bag

One of the downsides of most pool cleaners is the limited space available in terms of its filter bag. However, unlike most ordinary pool cleaners, this pool cleaner boasts a large capacity filter bag- which is able to store debris, dirt, leaves and large deposits with ease. This means that the frequency of emptying the bag is lower- such efficacy!

Highly Versatile

When it comes to cleaning a pool, you’ve got to consider the walls, floors and tight spaces. Guess what? This pool cleaner got you covered. Irrespective of the size of your pool, the cleaner is up to the job. The all-wheel belt drive mechanism enables the cleaner to move around quite easily, while sweeping, scrubbing, and vacuuming your pool surfaces, including floors and walls. What’s more, is that this wheel also enhances its manoeuvrability through its ability to climb over obstacles such as stairs and uneven terrains. Even when stuck in tight corners, its backup valve enables the cleaner to reverse every 3-minute interval.


Taking care of your cleaner is as important as taking care of the pool itself. Polaris had this in mind when the Polaris 380 cleaner was designed in a very simple, but compact manner. This cleaner, then, is relatively easy to disassemble, clean and assemble back together.


Lastly, its super-fast feature enables the cleaner to do its job super-fast. In a matter of 3 hours, you can swim in your pool again! So, you do not have to wait for extended periods of time before making use of your favourite chill-zone; your pool.

Fabric Softener

Using a Scrubbing Pad

Think less about using a scrubbing pad! Instead of scrubbing, soak the pot with a liquid fabric softener. It will remove all the burnt food particles from the pot or pan. Fill it with water and add little of the liquid fabric softener. You can allow it to soak for 2 hours or more. Ensure that the residue is ready to wipe off easily on its own!

Any Downsides?

  • Ditto to the similar Polaris models, it works for only in-ground pools.
  • Also, its need for a separate pump makes it more expensive compared to its low-pressure pump counterpart, which makes do with the pool’s pump.


Aside from buying a pool filter, paying heed to other maintenance practices such as skimping and scrubbing the pool, testing and maintaining the water’s chemical levels, as well as keeping the water at appropriate water levels, would help keep your pool clean and read-for-use.

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