How to Remove Sink Drain Pipe Coming Out of Wall

You may be having some plumbing issues with your sink if the drainpipe is coming out of the wall or floor. This can be a very frustrating problem to have, especially when you need to do dishes! The good news is that there are many ways to fix this issue, and it doesn’t involve calling a plumber every time something like this happens.

How to Remove Sink Drain Pipe Coming Out of Wall

Instead, you can easily fix this issue by yourself in a matter of minutes. For example, if the pipe is coming out of the floor, first locate where it goes. Then, you can use a flashlight to look through or do this after turning off the water supply. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to remove sink drain pipe coming out of wall with just one simple trick!

4 Steps to Follow on How to Remove Sink Drain Pipe Coming Out of Wall

Step One: Determine

First of all, you have to determine what type of sink drain pipe you have. It is either a double-walled or single-walled pipe. This is important because it will determine how much work needs to be done to remove the pipe from the wall.

If your drain has two walls stuck together with mortar, it would be a double-walled pipe. This type of sink drain needs to be cut with a masonry saw using a diamond blade. If your sink drain is a single-walled pipe, then it would be a single-walled pipe.

 Determine Which Sink Drain Pipe You Have

You can use a wrench on the inside of the pipe and remove it from the wall. However, if there is a locknut attached to the sink drain, you must first remove it with a vise grip. When determining what type of pipe your sink has, make sure you do not damage the surrounding wall if it is a shared wall.

Step Two: Make the Pipe Visible

First, you need to turn the water off. After this has been done, take off all of the handles and knobs on your sink. Also, make sure that your drain stopper is in place. If it weren’t already there, then you would have had to attach it at this time. Having a stopper in place is very important because it will help keep water from coming out and onto the ground while working on your sink.

You want to shine a flashlight down the drain because you will see how much work you have done ahead of time and what tools need to be used during this project. This step should only take a few seconds, but it is essential because it tells you exactly how much work you would have ahead of you if you were to try and move the sink drain.

This is because if you have a double-walled pipe, you will likely need a masonry saw to cut through the wall to pop it off. If you have a single-walled pipe, you will be able to cut it with a hacksaw blade. In addition, you can inspect your pipe for cracks or other damage so that you know whether or not this project is within safety reasons.

Step Three: Break the Pipe

After you have determined what type of sink drain pipe you have, you can now break it. Again, this is a straightforward process. All you need to do is place a wrench on your single-walled or double-walled pipes and turn it in a clockwise rotation. With a little bit of elbow grease applied to this task, you should be able to break the pipe in half.

Once this has been done, place the two pieces of pipe into your bucket or tub before they can fall into the wall. This is so important because it will prevent any damage to the surrounding areas. Also, it may allow for easier removal in case a part of the pipe does not break off completely.

Break the Pipe

If you cannot remove all pieces, this may allow for easier removal if a piece gets stuck. For example, if you have a double-walled sink drain, then this is the part where you need to use a masonry blade on a saw to cut through both walls. This will help in how to remove sink drain pipe coming out of wall.

Step Four: Remove Sink Drain Pipe from Wall

For the sink drain to come out from the wall, you have to remove it. There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest way is through a saw. You would also need a screwdriver or pry bar if there were no locknut attached to any part of the sink drain before breaking it in half.

If there was a locknut before breaking the sink drain in half, you only need the screwdriver or pry bar. To use these tools to remove the pipe from the wall is very easy. First, you have to attach the device of your choice onto the pipe and pull it towards yourself, automatically removing it from the wall.

Remove Sink Drain Pipe From Wall

After the sink drain has been removed, you will have to run a cable through the pipe. Most people use fish tape threaded at one end and attached with a handle on the other. To incorporate this cable through your pipe, all you have to do is guide it through from either end until it comes out of the other end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cut a Sink Drain Pipe?

The sink drain pipe is made of metal, and it is connected to the sink’s drain hole. To cut this, you need to be careful because if you cut too deep or at an angle, water will not be able to flow out properly. You can do this by using a hacksaw, reciprocating saw, or a jigsaw.

What Are the Pipes Sticking Out of My House?

The pipes sticking out of your house are a water meter. The water meter is used to measure the amount of water you use and the pressure in your home.

The reading on the meter is calculated based on the size of your home, length of pipe, and several fixtures (e.g., faucets, toilets).

A typical residential-sized house with one or two bathrooms will have a 0-50 psi gauge; a 50-100 psi gauge is common for larger homes with more fixtures; 100-150 psi for commercial buildings; and higher pressures are found in places like hospitals or factories.

Why Is There a Pipe Coming Out of House?

There are many possible reasons for this, the most common being a burst pipe. It might be leaking and not registering if you have a water meter. The first thing to do is turn off the main water supply at the shut-off valve and check your meter to see if it is reading correctly. If there is no water coming out of your house or still having problems with your meter, contact a plumber who can come out and fix the problem.

Is a Dripping Overflow Pipe an Emergency?

If you are seeing water dripping from the pipe, then it is an emergency. However, if you don’t see any water coming out of the pipe and it just keeps dripping over time, then there is no need to worry. The main reason why you should be worried about a Dripping Overflow Pipe is that it can lead to serious damage or even ruin your property.

If this happens and you notice that the pipe has been leaking for a long time, then consult with an expert immediately so they can inspect your house and find out what needs to be done.


The key to removing the pipe is having a good set of tools and using them correctly. With these tips, you should be able to easily remove your drain pipe coming out from the wall with no problem at all! This will make it easier for you to renovate or repair that area without worrying about how complicated accessing pipes can be.

Remember- use a wrench on both sides of the nut, but not too tight as this may cause damage. After loosening it enough, unscrew it by hand until it’s obliterated from the hole in the wall. This blog post has given helpful advice on how to remove sink drain pipe coming out of wall.

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