How to Stretch No Climb Fence


A no-climb stretch is a section of fence with horizontal wire in a high traffic area designed to prevent climbing. Generally, the wire will be two or three feet off the ground and run about 18 – 30 inches out from the fence. This ensures that small children who may climb will not grab onto the wire if they fall or are pushed against it.

How to Stretch No Climb Fence

No-climb stretches can be used on both chain link and horse fencing with good results. However, in addition to their safety benefit, no-climb margins add an element of frustration for horses whose wariness when crossing one is similar to dogs walking over a cattle grid. In this article, I will discuss “How to Stretch No Climb Fence.” So let us get started.

A Detailed Discussion on How to Stretch No Climb Fence

A fence with no climb reinforcement is easy to climb. Climbing a wall is quick and foolproof, making it an enticing option for criminals. There are several ways you can prevent this from happening on your property:

Many people invest in security cameras and special lighting to deter criminals, but most criminals will work under darkness where cameras and lights don’t help. Installing non-climb fencing provides physical deterrence – something that works twenty-four hours a day regardless of weather conditions or visibility. Not only does it stop criminals from climbing over your fence, but by adding barbed wire and razor ribbon on top of the fence as well as electric fencing around its base, you prevent criminals from cutting or digging under it.

Security Camera

Posting of signs can also be an effective deterrent. For example, notices warning of the use of deadly force are posted at the gates to some gated communities, military bases, and police stations to deter trespassers. However, in most cases, these signs have little if any effect on would-be intruders because by the time they come upon a sign, they have already made up their minds about entering that particular property. Moreover, trespassing is not a crime in itself in many areas. Hence, there is no legal consequence for ignoring a No Trespassing sign which only serves as free advertising to criminals who want to know when and where they can find an easy target.

In addition, barriers such as exterior lighting, alarm systems, and even dogs can be effective deterrents. Dogs might bark loudly and alert neighbors to any signs of trouble, but criminals will often kill or remove a barking dog as they have little interest in being caught. Alarm systems have been proven effective by several studies, which show that two-thirds of all burglars will almost always choose a home with an alarm system over one without. But alarms don’t keep people from getting inside the fence – this is where No-Climb Fencing comes into play.

Exterior Lighting

While it’s true that no security measure is entirely foolproof, combining fencing with other physical barriers such as barbed wire and a solid electric current provides a suitable defense against burglaries seven days a week. The idea is to make it difficult and time-consuming enough for criminals to have second thoughts about entering the property in the first place. Installing no-climb fencing on your property is a great way to add another layer of protection from would-be intruders.

The concept behind this form of the product is simple: it can’t be climbed. It works by creating a horizontal plane on top of existing fence posts that are too smooth, slippery, or otherwise frustratingly uninviting for any potential climber, regardless of skill level. It may also serve as an effective deterrent if you add barbed wire or razor ribbon along the top side, which would cut into anyone who tried grabbing onto it with their bare hands. While some might choose to get more creative by adding a small electric current to the top plane, it’s essential to make sure that you consult with your local fence company on how this option will affect the cost of installation.

Barbed wire can be as effective as non-climb fencing as long as it is installed along the top plane of the fence and not on each post. In most cases, the barbed wire also requires at least two strands for optimal effectiveness. However, some companies sell one strand of high-tensile wire that’s been twisted into a ‘razor ribbon’ configuration that ensures maximum security against climbers.

Barbed Wire Used in Fence

Although no-climb fencing is a great way to limit access to certain areas of your property – especially those where children play – homeowners must always install them by local and state laws and building codes. Suppose these types of fencing are prohibited in your area. In that case, alternative measures such as planting thorny bushes next to the fence or installing decorative stones on top of the ground next to it can offer a similar effect for a fraction of the cost.

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Precautions While Repairing Climbing Fence

  • Make sure that the replacement bar is no more than 2 inches longer than the existing one.
  • Don’t replace damaged bars all at once; replace them within a few weeks of each other so that neighbors or passersby do not get suspicious about your activity.
  • While removing screws, mark their positions on the rail with a marker to ensure proper alignment of screw holes while reassembling. This will help in having uniform gaps between adjacent bars.
  • Do not install any kind of locks or chains to lock your fence, as local authorities will notice it very quickly. 
  • Be extra careful while working near power lines and water pipes usually placed close to the fence line. Remember, electricity can kill!
  • Check with your local authorities before you begin the installation process to see if they have any recommendations or restrictions. Unfortunately, not many homeowners know this, but there may be an abandoned utility line in the ground/pipes that lie close to the fence line. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is No Climb Horse Fence Safe?

No Climb Horse Fence is a horse fence that can be installed in minutes and does not require any climbing. This innovative product was designed to provide a safe barrier for horses yet still allow them access to the surrounding area. It is made of high-quality materials that are weatherproof and rust resistant, making it durable and reliable.

No Climb Horse Fence also features tensioners that ensure a tight fit, so there is no risk of animals escaping or getting through the fence gates accidentally. In addition, this fence comes with a 12-month warranty against defects in construction or materials.

If you’re looking for an easy way to protect your horses from accidents while allowing them access to the outdoors, then the No Climb Horse Fence should be your go-to option!

What Type of Fencing Should Never Be Used for Horses?

There are a few types of fencing that should never be used around horses; here are a few of the most common:

1. Concrete – Concrete is a dangerous material to use around horses because it is hard and unforgiving. It can easily injure or even kill a horse if it gets caught in the fence.

2. Metal – Metal fences are also dangerous for horses because they are easy to trip on or get caught in. These fences also often have sharp edges that can cause injury or even death.

3. Wire – Wire fences are unsafe for horses because they can easily catch their hooves in the wire. This can cause serious injury or even death if not fixed quickly.

4. Plastic fencing is also unsafe for horses because the horse can easily tear it down. This fencing is often used to enclose small areas and is not recommended for use around horses due to its low durability and susceptibility to damage.

Is Barbless Wire Good for Horses?

Barbless Wire is a type of wire that has been specially designed to avoid accidental injuries to horses. It is made from copper and nickel, which are both safe for use on horseback. Additionally, it comes with a protective coating that helps prevent rusting and corrosion.

Depending on the application, horse owners can choose to buy barbless wire in either round or flat shapes.


I hope you have obtained all the necessary instructions on how to stretch no climb fence. Ensure all the procedures mentioned here are followed accordingly, and you should also use appropriate tools for the process. Finally, ensure all the precautions while repairing the fence. Thank you and have a nice day!

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