How to Change Combination on Master Lock 175 Without Key

You may have accidentally locked yourself out of your house or car because you had the wrong key for the lock. It is frustrating, but there are ways to open combination locks without a key. For example, you can use several different methods to change the combination on a Master Lock 175 without using a key and unlocking it.

Master Lock

Some instructions explain how to reset the code if someone else has changed it. Finally, you need to know how to change combination on master lock 175 without key. You should be able to follow these steps easily and not spend money at an expensive locksmith company!

Step to Follow on How to Change Combination on Master Lock 175 Without Key

Step One: Determine the Current Combination

First, you will need to determine the current combination on your Master Lock 175. When you open the lock’s shackle, there should be a number dial visible. The numbers on this dial make up the combination of your lock, so write these down if they are not already written somewhere on the lock itself.

Determine the Current Combination

These numbers can also usually be found printed on the lock’s body, beneath where the shackle opens. If this is not the case, you may need to look around further on your lock for them. You should note that this step is different than both unlocking and re-keying because it does not involve changing the combination entirely.

Only the first two numbers will be changed, leaving you with a new combination of four numbers instead of three. This means that the number order must remain intact for your current lock to work correctly after it is changed.

Step Two: Determine the Target Combination

Now that you have your current combination, you must determine what your new one will be. This is the easiest step in changing a lock’s combination because all you have to do is add one number to either end of your current combination.

For example, if your current combination is 1234, you will need to change it to 1243. This can be an addition or subtraction process, so long as the numbers remain in sequential order. The only rule you must follow is that no two numbers both increase and decrease consecutively.

For example, changing 1345 to 1456 would not work because the ‘5’ would follow the ‘4’, breaking this rule. Because of this, you can assume that any combination made up of four consecutive numbers will work. However, an important thing you should keep in mind is remembering your final combination after it has been changed.

Step Three: Open the Lock

Now, you need to follow the proper steps for opening a lock. First, turning all of your dials away from you and lining up one number should unlock it. However, if this does not work after trying for a while, turn any other dial on the main part of the lock until it clicks into place without changing how many numbers are lined up.

Open the Lock

When you’ve done this, turn the dial on the lock’s shackle until it clicks into place as well, and your Master Lock 175 should open without a key. If this is not the case, keep trying to find where you went wrong in the order of your numbers. You can also attempt changing your target combination slightly to try and find the correct one for this lock.

Once you’ve successfully unlocked your lock, you can change the dials at will to whatever numbers you’d like. The only rule is that the first and last numbers must be different, and no two numbers can be the same. Otherwise, you’d end up with the same combination as when you started.

Step Four: Record Your New Combination

To keep track of this new combination for future reference, you may wish to write it down where you can easily find it later. There is no limit for how many numbers your combination can consist of as long as they are in sequential order, so feel free to use a combination of four, five, six, or more digits if you’d prefer.

This new combination can be used on any lock with the same dials and pin layout as a Master Lock 175. If you need to change your combination on another lock, repeat the process and add or subtract the numbers accordingly.

If your new lock is also a Master Lock, you may even be able to use the same serial number printed on all of them. If not, then check your lock’s packaging for a unique code that can also be used to unlock it. These steps should help you in learning how to change combination on master lock 175 without key.

Step Five: Reset Your Old Combination

If you still have your old combination and don’t wish to use it anymore, the final step of this process is to reset whatever numbers you’d like. The simplest way to do this would be by opening up your lock and turning all of your dials towards you as far as they can go.

Reset Your Old Combination

When this doesn’t work, resetting the combination becomes slightly more complicated. This means that you must take apart your lock and remove its cylinder to change these numbers inside it. If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, contact a professional instead.

If you are still determined to make any necessary changes, then there are only a couple of steps that you must follow. First, remove the plug containing your old combination numbers along with its springs and core. Then, make sure the new numbers are in sequential order.

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After reading this blog post, you should now know how to change combination on master lock 175 without key. You can also use these steps if your lock has been frozen or broken into. Be sure to keep the manual and other important information from the packaging to always be available in case of an emergency.

And don’t forget about our video tutorial! With just a few simple moves, you’ll be able to open up your locker again for business! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and we’ll get back with an answer as soon as possible.

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