How to Cook a Steak on a Griddle?

Ever seen that movies or television adverts that shows a group of hunks and their beautiful girlfriends all out sun bathing on the beach, an open park or on some private lawn showing off their six packs, muscles and slender bodies while cooking some juicy nice steak on a griddle? And all of a sudden you get this desire to also go out and cook yourself some steak on your home griddle. Well the good news is we all have had that feeling, and the bad news is not all of us know how to cook a steak on a griddle. Most of us are just eaters of good steak and have no idea whatsoever on what and how the steak was made to that delicious and greasy state.

How to Cook a Steak on a Griddle

It is possible most do not know a steak could be cooked on a griddle, as most of the time they either order it in restaurants or have someone do it for them or yet still did know how to make a steak, but just do not know how to cook one on a griddle. Griddles are indeed best ways in cooking steak as it cooks the steak quickly and thoroughly. Its flat surface allows heat to be evenly distributed to all parts of the steak and can even give room for grilling of other foods like barbecues whiles you cook some steak as well.

  Being new at something always needs guidance and some steps, so below are steps on how to cook a steak on a griddle:

Step-1 : First but importantly, make sure to have your steak out of your refrigerator and is up to room temperature or up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is to help prevent the steak from toughness when being cooked as when cooked cold, muscles in the steak would contract. 

Steak Out of From Your Refrigerator

Step-2 : Depending on the type of griddle being used, bring heat to a medium-high. Electric griddles make a big use here, as one could easily determine the amount of heat for the cooking of the steak on the griddle.

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Step-3 : Dry your steak with paper towels and thoroughly apply some light olive oil or any oil and greasing of your choice. Once oil has been rubbed on the steak, you season it with a good seasoning mix. Again, it differs from individual to individual on what type of seasoning mix he or she would like to make use of and sometimes just the sprinkling of black pepper, salt and some Maggie mix is okay with some, however it is advised to best add salt on the steak after cooking it as salt kept on it before cooking, only leech moisture out and eventually make the steak tough.

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Step-4 : At this step, your griddle is pre-heated and ready to cook. You gently place the seasoned steak on it and cook it for 2-5 minutes on each side. It is to know the minutes will depend on factors like the type of steak, size of steak and if your griddle or pan was already pre-heated. Attention should be given to the steak while cooking and making sure to just simply turn it from side to side with a spatula and avoid moving it around on the griddle.

Step-5: Take temperature of your steak by making use of stem meat thermometer and sticking it in the thickest part of the steak. Temperatures of rare-done steaks are 120 degrees, medium-rare is 125 degrees and medium-done is 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures will highly depend on an individual’s cooking preference or how he or she would like the steak to be done and heat could be adjusted to the level seemed fit for the cooking of the steak.

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