How to Protect Your Light in Masonry

The Masonry fraternity is a close-knit community that shares many secrets and rituals among its members. One of these secrets, which has been passed down through generations, is the method for protecting your light in Masonry. The first step to protect your light is to let it shine by living an honorable life as best you can with integrity and honesty. The second step is to keep your light burning brightly by studying and learning as much as you can about the fraternity. This includes reading books, attending lectures, and participating in discussions with other Masons.

How to Protect Your Light in Masonry

The second step includes practicing charity and kindness toward all people while striving for peace and justice in society. With these two steps, you will be protecting your light from any darkness that may try to overpower it while also making the world around you brighter! Therefore, it is essential to know how to protect your light in masonry. So, I invite you to read the next article on how to protect your light in masonry!

Step by Step guide on How to Protect Your Light in Masonry

Step One: Find your Light

Light is what Masonry makes us. Without light, we cannot see where we are going or who we are supposed to be. This light is different for us, but the path is the same for all Masons; it hides in plain sight within our rituals and teachings. The light of Masonry illuminates the path of virtue. It is a light that can be seen by all, but it is not always recognized or appreciated.

I always recommend that you start this journey by finding your light, for, without it, you have nothing to protect. However, if you already have a strong foundation in Masonry and want to skip ahead, see section for what you should be doing. As I mentioned in the beginning, it is important to remember that this journey is one of self-discovery and exploration, so it is entirely up to you how you proceed.

Step Two: Protect your Light

Light is not meant to be hidden but seen. It is intended to light our path and allow us to see things as they indeed are; it must be protected from those who would snuff it out. For each Mason, the way in which we preserve our light will differ. Just as we all hold a different interpretation of our lessons, we should also keep other methods of protecting our light. While some may choose to fight, others may desire to use their skills for a more peaceful purpose.

Reading a Book

It can be as simple as reading a book that speaks to you or attending a particular lodge meeting that helps solidify your understanding. But, ultimately, it should be something that ignites within you the want to shout from the rooftops about Freemasonry and share the wonders contained within.

Step Three: Seek out the Light of Others

Once you have found your light, start seeking out those of others. You may be surprised by how many Brothers carry within them a bright flame that lights up the path before us.

Reach out to them and be open to hearing their views, but make sure to share your own as well. In Masonry, we learn by doing, so start acting. Seek out those who are also engaged in learning about Masonry and seek to share it with them.

Step Four: Keep your Light Bright

Remember that through our light, we will find the beauty of Masonry; without it, we cannot see beyond appearance alone. Therefore, you must always keep your light bright. Keep reading, keep learning, and keep spreading the word.

You Must Always Keep Your Light Bright

Remember to never bring forth your light for the judgment of others. Each person must find their way through Masonry, and it’s okay if that path does not match up with yours. However, it is also important to remember that you do not have to go out looking for people ready to be enlightened by your light.

Step Five: Take Responsibility for Your Enlightenment

You cannot force others to learn from your light, but you can help guide them through it. Moreover, it would help if you took responsibility for your enlightenment; no one else can light the way for you. Remember that while Masonry is full of tools and lessons to help us along our path, it is up to us to use them. Books, rituals, lectures, lodge meetings-none of these are the source of Masonic truth.

Walk your path with pride and conviction, knowing that you are blessed with the opportunity to be illuminated by Masonry. The more light we spread, the stronger our fraternity will blaze; remember that only together can we protect our brothers’ lights as well as our own.


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