Griddle vs Skillet | What’s The Difference Between a Skillet And a Griddle?

Cooking, usually deals with time and effort to come up with something delicious and tasty. But sometimes having to wake up and go through a whole procedure in getting some food for breakfast or dinner can be indeed hectic or stressful. Having to wake up and going through a whole lot of procedures, before getting your eggs, bacon, French toast or pancakes done can just make you want to forget breakfast and going to a café.  

Griddle vs Skillet

Well, the good news is, there are kitchen appliance such as the griddle or skillet that would make all your breakfast and dinner in a blink of an eye for you. Let’s begin the war of Griddle vs Skillet that who can give you the best frying meal!

A griddle or skillet were made purposely to make frying, heating or cooking a very easy task. They are mostly used for pancakes, beacon, eggs, meat foods like steak and chicken among many others.

Having one of these in your kitchen does go a long way to help you in the making of a simple and fast breakfast, lunch or dinner, however most individuals get confused on which to make use off in their kitchen. As in, which one would be more economical and efficient in usage. Well, here are a few things to know on the using of a griddle or skillet in your homes:

A Griddle or Skillet

A griddle, is a four-square shape heavy cast-iron plate that is heated for the cooking of food. The cooking surface of a griddle is flat with a heat source underneath it in heating and cooking of the food. The food id directly cooked on a griddle by placing It on the flat surface and adjusting the heat source beneath it to the level you want for the cooking of your food.

Griddles are mostly used for outdoor cooking events like a family picnic out on the garden, thanks giving on the lawns, beach among others and ideal for the making of burgers, steak, beacon and frying of fish.

A skillet on the other hand, is what most normally know as frying pan in the states and frying pan in United Kingdom. Used for the frying, steaming, searing and browning of foods. Is a flat-bottomed pan, an 8 by 12 inch in diameter, low sides and designed with a flare outward and with a long handle. Its slanted sides make it easy and perfect for the stirring or easy flipping of food placed in it. Skillet are the mostly used in kitchens due to its light weights and easy handing and washing. 

There is some cast iron electric skillet in the market that make use of electricity unlike the ordinary ones that we know makes cooking in it more interesting and favorable to most.

The question on what to make use of in your kitchen skillet vs griddle is something that bothers most people. The griddle and the skillet are very similar in terms of what they do, with only a mere difference separating them. The surface area of the two appliances is what makes the difference.

One could easily do much and accommodate a large about of cooking with a griddle than a skillet.  Griddles are mostly wide and allow the cooking of multiple food products such as flipping 3-5 burgers at a time or frying 4 or more eggs at the same time, thereby saving time in cooking.

A Large About of Cooking

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While else the skillet is small, its sides give you the ability to turn your food during cooking or frying without any problem of moving it. A skillet gives you the freedom to move your food to and for around the kitchen with ease as it does come with a handle for holding, thereby making it convenient for cooking.

The use of a griddle or skillet in one’s kitchen, will highly depend on the preference of the person and how he or she likes to cook. If not, having both the skillet vs the griddle in a kitchen won’t be a bad idea

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