How to Dispose of Old Wood Fence


Wood fences are often used to divide up property or as a decorative fence. They can be made of cedar, redwood, pine, pressure-treated wood, and other types of wood. There are many different ways that you can dispose of your old wood fence. One way is by using the services of recycling companies who will take it away for free, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of it yourself.

Old Wood Fence

An additional option is to give it away if someone else wants it on their property or sell the wood so that you can get some money back from your investment in building the fence initially. In this article, I will discuss how to dispose of old wood fence. So let’s get started.

A Detailed Stepwise Guide on How to Dispose of Old Wood Fence

Step 1:

Start by hiring an engineer or drawing up your design if you are experienced in this area. The plan should include all the details of where to place each piece, along with any safety measures that need to be taken into consideration. Get a contractor certified by the state and ensure they will guarantee their work for at least twenty years after it is completed. It is best to have three different contractors do estimates, pick the one who gives you the best price for what you want.

Step 2:

Once the fence has been removed from your property, hire a team of sanitation professionals, including dumpsters, drones, loaders, trash compactors, incinerators, etc. All these are available at our disposal company which came highly recommended and donated the services for this project.

Hire a Team of Professionals

Step 3:

Once we have completed step 2, we will be able to proceed with our next step. All the wood and parts of the old fence will be picked up by sanitation professionals and disposed of at a local recycler, where it will be turned into new products such as furniture, wood pellets, etc. The recycling process also involves removing any toxic chemicals from the items before they are recycled, so you don’t need to worry about your family’s health when disposing of these things.

The state-licensed and certified the recycling company, which makes them a reliable partner in this endeavor. This initiative continues to reduce pollution that solid waste causes while ensuring everything is done according to proper procedure and, most importantly, with your family’s safety in mind.

Step 4:

Once everything is gone, you will want to consult again a landscape architect on how to plant grass and other plants on the barren land that was once a fence. The landscaper company we have chosen for this project has been certified by the state as well as the international association of landscapers, and they are world-class professionals who will make sure things look nice while ensuring you don’t need to worry about them becoming contaminated or tainted with any harmful chemicals from pesticides or fertilizers.

Landscape Architect

Step 5:

After the landscaping is done, we move on to step 5. There is a reason why we like to do all this in one day: pests. Most of the diseases and viruses they carry can be transmitted through soil or water; where those materials came from is your now garden, which was once covered by grass and plants now turned into mulch as well as leaves, branches, etc., all of which will be spread throughout your backyard.

Although very dangerous, these little guys also work for us as you won’t have to worry about them once we are done with the rest of the project – we’ll exterminate them all within 24 hours, guaranteed!

Step 6:

The next day after exterminating the pests, your landscaper will build a stone path to the garden, which is now accessible by your family. There are no more roots or branches, so you can walk safely without worrying about getting injured. After this step, ensure that all the trees in your yard are healthy and check for any pests, plagues, or viruses they might have before planting new flowers or any other plants that are not native to your region.

Exterminating the Pests

Step 7:

Now that everything is done, you need to make sure you don’t hold us liable should anything happen to anyone in your family and ensure we won’t be responsible if anything happens during the process of dismantling your old fence. Since it was installed decades ago, there could be rusty nails or splinters, which cause problems when people walk over them in the wrong shoes, which is why we have sanitation professionals and doctors on-site to make sure your family’s well-being is fully protected.

Step 8:

Finally, move all furniture and other items away from the newly renovated area to dry after rain or watering. The renovation process should be complete within three days, depending on weather conditions. Then, contact us to schedule a time for you to visit our company headquarters to purchase any additional services needed, such as landscaping design, lawn care programs, etc.

Precautions While Disposing of Old Wood Fence

They are disposing of old wood fences, especially if the wood fence has given you good service. However, a few things need to be kept in mind while disposing of this kind of stuff.

  1. Make sure to use gloves and protective gear while working on this job
  2. If some part of the fence has metal/steel components make sure they are removed. Also, check for nails sticking out of the wood fences before starting your job. They can cause severe damage during disposal
  3. If some part of the wooden frame has rusted or been damaged beyond repair, it should be completely separated from other regions. Then place them at a safe place until they are disposed of properly by specialists.
  4. Do not burn the wood fences in a backyard barbecue pit or a traditional fireplace. It is safer to leave them with professionals who will use industrial equipment for disposing of these things safely.
  5. Do not keep this stuff outside your house until there is no specific plan for its final disposal. Many people are taking advantage of the selling power of old wood fences to make some quick cash. Ensure that you are not getting into any dispute or legal hassles with these guys because it will be tough to prove your ownership of the materials.
  6. If recycling is an option, then opt for it rather than disposing of this stuff. You can sell them as firewood, too, if they have no metal components in their structure.


I hope this article has offered you all the necessary instructions regarding how to dispose of old wood fence. Ensure all the precautions are correct. Thank you and have a nice day!

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