How to Hang Blanket Over Window

Many people ask this question, but I think you will be surprised by some of the answers. For example, many people like to hang blankets over their windows for privacy purposes or keep drafts away in the wintertime. Some people use blankets as wall art, or to add warmth and color to a room. Others may have a blanket that is a family heirloom that they cherish.

How to Hang Blanket Over Window

There are several ways you can do this, and they all depend on what type of window you have. If you have a tall, wide window with no blinds, then using one large sheet is probably best since it won’t block any light from coming through your window. If you have a small window with blinds, then you can use two smaller sheets and tie them together to make one large one. You can also use old sheets or towels that you don’t need anymore to make your own shade.

If necessary, you can also use two sheets or cut them down into smaller pieces to cover different parts of your window frame. It’s essential that when you hang a blanket up, it isn’t too much bunched up in one place or too stringy that it gets in the way of anything. This blog post will show you how to hang blanket over window.

Step to Follow on How to Hang Blanket Over Window

Step One: Locate the Window

The first step in hanging a blanket over a window is finding the window itself. If you are hanging the blanket on block-out light, this step is quite self-explanatory; if you are hanging the blanket to act as insulation or privacy, look for windows that face into your yard or space outside of your home.

Hanging a Blanket Over a Window

These windows should be within your reach, so if you cannot comfortably reach the window, you may need to climb on a ladder or chair to complete this step or locate a window on the floor that you can easily reach. Remove the window from its frame by taking out the screws and hinges. In most cases, there will be two screws on each side of the window, and then one screw holding the hinge in place at the top and bottom of the window.

Step Two: Measure Blanket to Window Dimension

After finding your window, it is time to measure how much material you will need for the blanket to drape over the window properly. It would help if you considered any customizations or additions, such as a sleeve to hang the blanket over the window by. A typical blanket needs about two and a half yards of fabric for one standard window.

Typically, if you want to block out light, measure from your finished floor level up to where you will attach the top of the blanket along the side of the window frame. If you are hanging a blanket for insulation or privacy, measure up to where you want the blanket to drape on the side of the window frame.

Measuring How Much Material Need for the Blanket

Step Three: Attach Blanket to Window Frame

Once you have measured for your blanket, use a staple gun or hammer and nails to attach the top of the blanket to the side of the window frame. A staple gun is generally more accessible and takes less time than nails; however, it may be challenging to staple the top of the blanket to the frame if you are hanging a larger-sized blanket. Be sure to attach the top of the blanket securely, so that it won’t fall down if someone accidentally bumps into it.

Measuring for Blanket

Once you have finished attaching the blanket to the frame, you are finished hanging your blanket over your window! The final step is to enjoy your new window feature. For additional suggestions, read on below. If you are using a block-out material for this project, check out our tutorial about hanging blackout curtains.

Step Four: Consider Customizing Blanket

This step is not necessary to the hanging process, but if you are interested in adding a sleeve or other feature to your blanket, this is the step for you. Once your blanket is hung over the window, measure an area along the top of the blanket where you want to add a sleeve for hanging.

Start your measurement at least two inches below where your blanket is attached to the side of the window frame; this will allow space for other features like pockets. Then, measure out from that point on the top of the blanket to how wide you want your sleeve to be. If this measurement is not an even number, round up to give yourself room for sewing.

Step Five: Add a Pocket or Sleeve

Once you have your sleeve cut out, attach the top of the pocket to the top of your blanket using either a stitch or staple gun. If you are using a stitch, be sure to leave about an inch below where you began stitching for turning inside-out and attaching to your blanket.

Blanket Using a Stitch

If you choose to use a staple gun, be sure to pull down the blanket inside your pocket to keep it out of the way while you staple. Once finished with this step, check out our tutorial about making hidden pockets in your curtains for additional ideas!

Step Six: Maintain Blanket

Once you have hung your blanket up, be prepared to maintain it until it is dirty enough to wash. Check out our tutorial on cleaning indoor-outdoor carpet, or check out our article about making a pet bed from an old sweater for ideas!

Now that you know the steps to hang a blanket over your window, you can decide which features you would like best for this decoration. Customize your blanket with pockets or sleeves, or add a little of your favorite color for added style. Once you have finished hanging up your blanket, enjoy this new addition to your home!

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Step Seven: Have Fun and Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this tutorial on how to hang a blanket over your window, have fun trying out new ideas for other ways you can decorate your home. Check out our tutorials on customizing a dresser with paint to give it a whole new look, or try adding some curtains around your sink to update your bathroom!

Now that you know how to hang blanket over window, learn more about adding feet and legs to dressers to give them that perfect rustic look! These steps are provided for informational purposes only. Do not use these steps verbatim if you want to learn how to hang a blanket over your window. Instead, be sure to modify them for your purposes!

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To hang a blanket over your window, you will need two people. One person should be positioned on the inside of the room and one outside. The person outside should hold onto both ends of the blanket while the other holds it from above. This creates a loop that can then be placed over an open window frame or through a curtain rod hole in the wall.

Once this is done, tie each end around something sturdy like a large table leg or chair with heavyweight so that there’s no chance for it to fall during strong winds or if someone walks by too quickly and pulls on it accidentally. At this point, you should feel confident that you know how to hang blanket over window.

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