How to Lock a Washer and Dryer From Being Used

We all know that there is no better feeling than a clean, fresh-smelling house. And for many of us, owning a washer and dryer is the best way to keep our home looking its best. However, this can be not easy if your washer or dryer is constantly being used by someone else who doesn’t respect your need for privacy!

How to Lock a Washer and Dryer From Being Used

In this blog post, we will teach you how to lock a washer and dryer from being used so you can enjoy having the convenience of your laundry room without it being inconveniently intruded on by others in your home. 

A quick and easy way to avoid the hassle of having your washer and dryer broken into is by using a lock. Once you have purchased one, all you need to do is remove the screws from the front panel on your machine.

Step to Follow on How to Lock a Washer and Dryer From Being Used

Step One: Unplug the Washer and Dryer from Power

Locate the plug on the washer and dryer that have been used for power. Unplug these plugs from the power source. For some models, you may need to search some more for the plug, but you will find it at some point. In some cases, you may need to search more for the plug.

Unplug the Washer and Dryer from Power

In most models of washers and dryers, the outlets are hidden behind a small door on the front of the machines. This is usually held shut by a small latch that needs to be released with a screwdriver or other long-shafted tool before opening it.

Step Two:  Get Rid of the Power Cord

Another method to ensure that you are locked out is to cut the power cord. This is best done when the washer and dryer are apart or at least not in use. Cut through one wire at any point along the length of the cord so that there are no connections left for it to work. Use a pair of wire cutters to make the cuts.

If you do not want to cut the power cord, consider disabling or removing the batteries machine themselves. This requires taking apart the washer and dryer at least partially but could be done without too much difficulty for most people with only general knowledge about taking a washer and dryer apart.

Step Three: Secure the Power Cord Latch

Find the latch that holds the door shut to plug in or remove power from your machines. Often, this latch is held shut with a simple spring-loaded clip. More complex latches may require you to use a screwdriver, but it will be a similar task, in the end, either way. Remove this clip or unfasten that latch by taking it off of the washer or dryer.

If it is attached, remove the screw or whatever else was holding the latch in place. If it is not held in with any screws, pry it off with a screwdriver or other simple tool. Once the latch is removed, take it and put it through the plug for your washer or dryer. This way, it is not possible to attach the plug and still open it easily.

Step Four: Secure the Door Latch

Find the latch that holds the door shut of your machines. Often, this is a simple metal rod with a spring on one end meant to keep tension on the latch to stay in place. Remove this rod by taking it out of its holder. Next, place a screw or nail through the hole where you removed the latch to keep it closed and securely in place.

Secure the Door Latch

If that does not work, consider removing the entire door from one or both machines if they are still together. If there is no way to lock them without having a door installed, get a screw or nail and secure it to the inside of the door so that they can not be easily removed.

Step Five: Disabling the Machines

Some people have found that they can’t lock their washer and dryer from being used by just taking them apart because there is some way to get power still if they don’t have a door installed or the latch is not replaced. In this case, consider disabling your machines.

Remove the circuit boards from each of the machines if possible and take them with you when you leave if this may be an issue in the future. If they can run off of batteries, remove these as well. This method will stop them from being able to run as long as the batteries are not replaced.

Step Six: Keep Possession of the Key

If you want all your efforts to be fruitless, keep possession of a key that will open these machines up. This way, if they try to come and take them back or change them around, you can easily open them up and change everything back. You can also use this key to unlock the machines if they are repeatedly getting locked somehow.

If you no longer have possession of these keys, consider making copies of them so that you will always be able to get access to your washer and dryer anytime you need them. In addition, it is a good idea to always keep at least one key for your washer and dryer in a safe place so that it will not be locked from being used. Thanks for reading about how to lock a washer and dryer from being used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Lock a Washer?

You can lock a washer by closing the washer’s lid and turning it to a “lock” position. Then, open the lid and close it again to unlock it when you are done.

Do Lock Washers Actually Do Anything?

Lock washers are not used for anything. They have a hole in the middle that you can use to put your key in and then rotate it to unlock the door.

What Are Lock Washers Good For?

Lock washers are not used for anything. They have a hole in the middle that you can use to put your key in and then rotate it to unlock the door.

What Order Do Lock Washers Go On?

The first washer is always on the bolt with a smaller diameter than the other. Then, two washers with the same diameter as the nut, followed by one washer with a larger diameter than the nut.

When Should You Use a Lock Washer?

A lock washer is used to help protect the bolt of a door or window lock. A washer is placed on the inside of the cylinder and pushed onto the bolt by hand. This provides additional security when you need to open your doors or windows.

The use of a lock washer should be determined by whether there are any problems with the existing locking mechanism, such as a broken key or worn springs. It can also be used in cases where it’s difficult to reach the locking mechanism, such as behind heavy furniture.


This blog post has given you a couple of different ways to lock your appliances. Hopefully, one of these methods will work for you and make it so that no one else can use them but yourself. These are all quick fixes to keep from replacing the appliance altogether or call in someone who may not be as efficient as they could be if only they knew how!

If none of these tips have worked for you, please get in touch with us at Appliance Repair Service because we would love nothing more than being able to help with this problem that is impacting your life every day. The article has been a good guide on how to lock a washer and dryer from being used.

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