How to Fix a Gurgling Bathtub

It is easy to fix a gurgling bathtub. The most common noise causes are an accumulation of hair or string in the trap, lime buildup on the drain cover, or water sitting too long in the tub. To solve your problem, remove any debris from under and around the trap using pliers or tongs. Next, clean off any buildup with an abrasive cleaner like Barkeeper’s Friend.

Unscrew and clean out excess lime buildup on drain covers with a stiff brush dipped in vinegar. Make sure you wipe down all surfaces after scrubbing them for easier cleaning next time! So, this article is for you. You will learn how to fix a gurgling bathtub with just one simple trick!

How to Fix a Gurgling Bathtub

Step to Follow on How to Fix a Gurgling Bathtub

Step One: Determine

First, you need to determine in which room the sound is coming from. Do this by turning off all the lights and checking every bathroom sink, bathtub, toilet and toilet drain, and shower and shower drain. If you find water in one of these areas where there should be none, something may be wrong.

If there are no water noises when the lights are off, check to make sure your TV is not on. If you hear gurgling in the same room as your TV, there may be a problem with the plumbing in that area. You can check by turning all faucets and drains until you hear the noise go away.

If it does, then there is a clog in the drain somewhere. If the sound changes by turning the faucets, it is probably coming from your TV speakers. However, if you don’t hear any sound when turning the faucet off, that isn’t where the noise is coming from.

Step Two: Check Your Water

The next step is to check the water in your bathtub. If it isn’t very dirty, leave it alone. It may be simply sediment floating in the water. But if actual bubbles are forming on the top of the water, don’t ignore this. This means that you have many small particles floating in your bathwater, and they are beginning to clump together.

Check Sediment Floating

If you notice these particles, then there is a good chance that the bathtub drain lines are probably also clogged, which will cause a gurgling sound while running water into the tub. You can use a plunger to fix this problem or call a professional plumber, but the first thing you should do is run water into the tub without anything inside.

If additional particles are forming, shut off the water and use a plunger to try and get rid of them. If the sound goes away, you will know that the tub was clogged. However, if no additional particles are forming when you run the tub empty, your problem may be something else entirely.

Step Three: Check Your Faucet

If there were no bubbles when you ran your bathtub empty, then you will need to check the faucet. Next, please turn on the water in your tub with no soap or detergent inside and listen for any additional sounds coming from it. If there are none, turn the water off and look at the drain in the tub to see if anything is blocking it.

Need to Check the Faucet

If there isn’t, you know that the tub is clear, and the sound is coming from your faucet. Unfortunately, this means that your spout has broken, and you will need to call a plumber to fix it for you. It may be possible to fix this leaking faucet by tightening or loosening it in certain ways, but it is best not to attempt this unless you are confident that you can do it correctly.

If you make it worse, you may have to pay a lot of money to have a plumber fix it. For example, if you took apart your faucet and made the problem worse, see if a plumber can come in and change out the spout instead of having to take apart the entire faucet again.

Step Four: Look for Additional Problems

If the bathtub drain itself hasn’t clogged, but your faucet is leaking, then you will need to be sure that there are no problems with your pipes. The place to start looking is where all of your water comes inside. If you have a pipe running outside, look for signs of damage in that area.

Signs of Damage in That Area

If you have an interior pipe, then look inside near where water comes into the house. If there are any leaks in this area, they will need to be repaired right away, or you can get electrocuted or cause serious property damage. Replace the sealer around the pipes gently without over-tightening them and make sure everything is sealed up and running correctly.

If you can’t find anything, call a plumber, and they will be able to help you find the problem. It may simply be that your pipes need to be replaced or that your home’s foundation has shifted slightly and needs shoring up. These steps should help you in learning how to fix a gurgling bathtub.

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Step Five: Fix the Pressure

If the sound doesn’t continue after you have checked all of your pipes and there aren’t any leaks, then it is a good idea to turn down the water pressure in your home. This should only be done if you cannot find another explanation for the gurgling sounds or where they are coming from.

Turning down this pressure will cause whatever is inside your pipes to either slow down or stop altogether, which will stop the gurgling sounds. Make sure that you turn the pressure back up to full when you are done with this because it can cause damage if you leave it at a lower setting for too long.

Turning Down This  Pressure Will  Stop Altogether


To stop the gurgling noise, you need first to identify where it is coming from. So many places could be causing your gurgling sound, so take a moment and think back on what happened before it started.

The following steps will help you find out if the source of the problem is an overflow pipe or drain pipe leak at home, which means there may be some damage to your tub’s piping system. If this is not the case then read our blog post for more information on how to fix a gurgling bathtub!

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