When to Euthanize a Dog with Arthritis?

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The moment a pet enters your life, your life changes completely. No wonder dog is called a man’s best friend as he will stick around you all the time. You cannot imagine spending a day without your dog. Like us, dogs also suffer from pain. But unfortunately, they cannot express their pain as we do. So, they suffer in silence. If you love your dog, then you should look for signs of suffering and treat your dog accordingly. Arthritis is a very common problem in dogs after the age of 12. It slowly gets worse. If the pain is too much and no treatment is working, then it’s better to euthanize your dog. But many people don’t know when to euthanize a dog with arthritis.

Treatment for arthritis:

If you can treat arthritis in its early stage, then the condition can get better. Dogs often suffer from joint problems due to injury or other reasons which can lead to arthritis. As it progresses, the joint’s lining becomes inflamed, and the cartilage starts to wear away. With proper treatment, it is possible to protect the cartilage.

If the pain becomes severe, the cartilage will be permanently damaged. In case of severe damage, you will see symptoms like restricted motion, difficulty jumping and performing other activities. A veterinarian can prescribe various drugs to treat arthritis. Some of these drugs are for pain relief, and some are for improving the joint and muscle condition. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil can give relief from pain. It provides a calming effect without any side effects. You can buy CBD oil here.

When to euthanize a dog with arthritis?

Your pet can hide the pain. They don’t cry as we do. They may limp and pant, but continue to eat and wag their tail. So, you need to pay attention to your dog to find out if he is suffering from arthritis or not. You can also do an x-ray to confirm that your dog is suffering from arthritis. Here are the signs that your dog is in extreme pain:

  •  Panting
  • Difficulty getting up the stairs or into the car
  • Difficulty performing various activities like jumping
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    Eliminating in the house often
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    Loss of weight
  • check
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    Abnormal posture
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    Leg looks thinner than a normal leg due to muscle atrophy
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    Chewing, biting or licking of body parts

The pain medicines usually work in the early stages of arthritis. But as the condition gets worse, the medication stops working. When the dog gets older, muscle loss occurs. As a result, a lot of force is exerted on the bones causing intense pain.

When you notice that the dog is getting skinny, that’s an indication that arthritis has reached an advanced stage. The dog will eliminate in the house often as it’s painful to get to the right posture to eliminate outside the house. These are the signs that the medicines are not working and there is hardly anything left to do to improve the situation.

Euthanasia is an opportunity to give your pet relief from the severe pain. It can be tough to make such a decision, but it’s the best for your loving pet. You can seek the advice of a veterinarian in making this kind of decision. The veterinarian can tell you about the health condition of your dog and suggest when the best time to euthanize. It is better to say goodbye to your pet rather than watch him suffer and eventually die.

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